Looking for ideas that can help you automate areas of your personal and professional life so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy? Look no further! From robots to software to handy gadgets, this website offers an unbiased perspective on what really works.


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WELCOME to a great source for tried-and-true productivity tools

Hi! The purpose of this website is to share the tips and tricks I’ve found in using technology to help me become more productive. As a wife and mother who also runs a successful marketing strategy company and web design firm for small-to-medium-sized businesses, I’ve found a number of tools that have automated aspects of my work and home life. This website is simply a place for me to share what I’ve learned so you can pick up some helpful ideas too.

What’s Here?
I’ve divided this site into two parts: ‘at home’ and ‘in the office.’ In each of these areas, I list the cool products- – robots, gadgets, software, and apps- – that have helped me streamline my personal and professional life. There’s plenty that can be automated when it comes to cleaning, cooking, fitness/health, project management, and writing/design.

What’s In It for Me?
All of the items I share are tried-and-true winners for me. None of the manufacturers have provided products for me, I receive no kick-backs or comissions, and none of these firms are clients of mine. This site is only a hobby for me. I’m grateful to the friends and colleagues who hae shared their own technology tools and productivity-boosters with me, and this simple website is just a way for me to “pay it forward.” I hope you have fun browsing the site and discovering some cool new ideas.

Have An Idea?
If there’s a nifty gadget that you especially like that isn’t on my site, would you please tell me about it? I’m always looking for helpful new technologies that can streamline the way we live and work! Just message me through the contact form. Thanks!